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We provide Professional Development, program review, performance assessment design and teacher facing materials for World Language programs at all levels of instruction.

Specializing in Backward Design for world language curriculum 

with vertical articulation between levels, buildings, and schools.

K-12, college, university, and organizations.


What do your school, program, instructors and learners need?


Areas of expertise:


  • Backward Design (Understanding by Design;  Wiggins, G., & Mc Tighe, J. 1998/2005.) 

  • World Language Curriculum and assessment design Eddy, J. 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015.

  • Performance Assessment Tasks in Three Modes (ACTFL 1996/2012/2014)

  • Articulated, Spiral, and Thematic Design

  • Creativity, Critical Thinking and Transfer

  • Visual and Performing Arts in World Language Education

  • Using music for World Language learning tasks

  • Performance based instructional strategies

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