Articulated Curriculum Design for Intercultural Competence and Transfer

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This framework aligns Understanding by Design (Mc Tighe & Wiggins, 2005) with the World Readiness Standards (ACTFL, 2006/2012) and 

Intercultural Competence, facilitating Global or World Language Education articulation in any school, district, or university curriculum.


We help you develop Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions from Universal Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Themes, with Perspectives that matter years beyond the classroom.

This provides an ideal curriculum Framer for Performance Assessment advancing the learner to transfer concepts and skills flexibly and securely.

Is your school using Can-Do Statements? (NCSSFL-ACTFL, 2017) Make them better with "Intercultural Transfer Targets and PASS Can Dos"

Do you want to design for value beyond the classroom and a self directed, autonomous language learner: college, career, life?

 Let's design a curriculum that encourages flexibility, tolerance of ambiguity and a self directed learner for Intercultural Competence.

Does your department wish to (re)design curriculum?
Have you tried to do so and are unhappy with the results?
Still wondering about what good World Language Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions look like and more importantly, how they facilitate an articulated curriculum?



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